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New Voices Atlanta

ATL transplant’s strange observations include realities we take for granted

New Atlantans have an array of opinions about the city. Understandable, when you consider they come from all over the country and around the globe. But when new residents are writers with a creative itch, we can end up with some pretty strange missives.

Grant Park Warehouse Reno Dubbed 'The Beacon'

The project at 1040 Grant St., a $20-million revitalization effort of six warehouses, has been dubbed "The Beacon." According to Pellerin Real Estate, the company expects the development to be the Beltline's "next significant lifestyle destination."

Series Finale: New Residents Expound on Joys of City, Establishing Roots and Optimism for the Future

Regarding ATL Affordability, and Perception vs. Reality

New Atlantans Dish on Crime, Schools & Raising Kids Here

Traffic, Transit Dominate List of New Atlantans' Complaints

NVA Begins Now: 45 (Relatively) New Atlantans Speak Out

Last Chance to Speak Up; NVA Project Begins Tomorrow

New Voices Atlanta

Are You New to ATL? Have Opinions? Time to Speak Up!